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Embryonics is optimizing the field of IVF with ML algorithms and AI software solutions. Embryonics’ mission is to enhance the safety, affordability, accessibility, and most importantly, the success rate of IVF by improving and simplifying the process.

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Project Highlights
  • In a pilot of 11 women who used Embryonics’ algorithm to select their embryos, 6 are enjoying successful pregnancies, while 5 are awaiting results
  • Has raised a $4 million in seed funding
  • Featured on TechCrunch
  • Check the Embryonics Clutch review(★5.0) of OVERCODE

The team of algorithm specialists, data scientists and embryologists has been working on an algorithm that utilizes IVF time-lapsed imaging of developing embryos to train and predict the probability of embryo implantation.

The technology, which was developed using a carefully selected dataset from tens of thousands of IVF cycles, including time-lapse videos of embryos, was showcased in a peer-reviewed study at the Medical Imaging with Deep Learning conference in Montreal.

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  • Embryonics team was looking for a reliable tech partner that could understand the full IVF process and help to turn their ideas into a non-standard but intuitive interface both for doctors and patients.

    We helped to turn the designs into a fully functional product, that works extremely fast by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies.

    We encountered numerous challenging tasks, such as interactive timelines and video players connected to AWS.

Case Study Challenge
Case Study Challenge
Unlocking Success


OVERCODE’s team helped to build from scratch a HIPAA-compliant web application using React.js, Redux, TypeScript and Redux-Saga. We helped to connect it to the AWS backend, implemented architecture best practices, and created documentation for the internal client’s team.

We created the initial MVP version in 2020 and assisted in building a web application for the Egg freezing calculator later in 2022.

Case Study Solution

19 Jul. 2021The product was quickly delivered, allowing for flexibility with the launch. The excellent quality of development impressed, as did their professional team, well-managed development cycle, and self-motivated employees.

Shahar R.VP RnD, Embryonics