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SignifAI is a server events and metrics monitoring application, focused on correlating related issues and extracting predictive insights driven by AI & ML algorithms.

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SignifAI not only analyzes and manages server events data but also can provide its own AI-powered insights for specialists.

This is achieved by using exceptional technology that has been developed through extensive experience with actual customer data, as well as a profound understanding of site reliability engineering (SRE) best practices and machine intelligence.

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  • SignifAI needed a reliable tech partner that could implement every idea and translate big amounts of design screens into scalable frontend code on a long-term basis.

    During our cooperation, we helped not only to develop new components, but also to maintain effective code architecture with ongoing refactoring and code reviews.

    We faced challenging tasks such as building an interactive block diagram builder where you can visually build an algorithm for reacting to different server events and issues. We helped to implement the frontend part of this interface which includes creating conditions, setting variables, and integrations with different services.

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We helped the client to build the frontend side of the application dashboard and its internal pages, using React.js & Redux and helped with some integrations.

We worked together for more than 2 years(3000+ hours) and developed more than 400 design screens. Our long-term partnership started from the first design drafts and finished when the startup was acquired by New Relic company.

Case Study Solution

30 Feb. 2019 ā€”Iā€™m glad that I found the team because, in two years of productive work, they never let us down. Although the tasks we were facing were not easy, the guys succeeded with the tasks and each time they confirmed their expertise and focus on the success of the project. Thank you, team!

Guy F.CTO & Founder, SignifAI